Rescue device Rg10-roll

This Rescue device is especially developed for work in tank and hopper wagons, streetcars, busses and airplanes. To this end the workplaces are covered with horizontal steel cables or with steel supports on which the Rescue device can be moved horizontally using a suitable carriage. This produces the greatest possible freedom of movement and safety for the user. (...) In the event of a fall, the user is lowe- red to the ground directly at a speed of 0.5 m/s and can return to work or leave the danger zone. The safety cable, made of 5mm strong, rust resistant steel wire is equipped on one side with quick-release hooks and retracted on the other side using a cable spool with guide grooves. At the cable’s slightest upward movement, the rescue device RG10 is immediately engaged. Any backward slippage on the cable is avoided by precise spool retraction. The RG10- Roll Rescue device can be equipped, on request, with an additional module, thus fulfilling the ATEX guidelines for use in areas where there is a significant danger of explosion.

Үнийн санал авах

RG10-Roll Typ A, with suspension device for lifting carriage or Uni-8-Overhead

  • Ident-No. 118877
  • incl. lifting carriage - size 1 (IPE 120-160)
  • Ident-No. 118867
  • incl. lifting carriage - size 2 (IPE 180-200)
  • Ident-No. 118871

(further carriage sizes available on request)

  • incl. lifting carriage Uni-8-Overhead
  • Ident-No. 174580
  • RG10-Roll Typ B, with suspension by means of two carabiners RH60
  • Ident-No. 119987
  • RG10-Roll Typ C, with lifting carriage for steel rope without transit point
  • Ident-No. 116290
  • RG10-Roll Typ D, with carriage for steel rope with transit point
  • Ident-No. 115680

We also offer the complete assembly of the horizontal fall protection equipment especially to meet your needs. An on-site appointment can be arranged with our field staff. We will be glad to advise you.